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Sunday, September 24 & Monday, September 25, 2023

From the desk of Pastor Ernie Green:  

Oktoberfest: We are only one week away from Oktoberfest and the excitement is mounting. This was a super event last year, and I’m certain that this year’s party will be more of the same. The food will be delicious, our brothers and sisters in Christ that we will be spending the evening with will be fun, and the music by the Polka Boyz will be outstanding. They will be playing much more than German songs. They are super talented. I hope to see you there.

What else is happening at St. Paul?
Well, that’s a question with ever changing answers. The most noticeable thing is my absence from worship. There are several medical reasons for that, the first being my paralyzed vocal cord, which is making me unable to speak.  The tests that I’ve had have shown no reason for the problem with the vocal cord. The same tests did show that I had pneumonia, but that has cleared up through the use of antibiotics and steroids. My doctors are taking a “wait and see” approach to this, and if you know me, then patience and waiting are not things that I am particularly good at. There has been no progress yet. It has become more than likely that the problems that I have suffered with since my first covid-19 diagnosis is “long covid.” Nothing good has come since then.  Please keep this situation in your prayers.

How are we managing worship services?
As you are aware, for the past year, Pastor Bill has been serving as the vacancy pastor at Salem Lutheran in South Buffalo. They have now called three candidates to fill the vacancy there, but all three pastors have declined the call. As a result of my health issues, Pastor Bill has given Salem notice that he will not be able to continue to serve them because he is needed at St. Paul.  He has set them up in a good way and they will be able to continue in the ministry paths that he has set them on. But as long as he is needed more at his home congregation, which is St. Paul, he will remain here. Thank you Pastor Bill and thank all of you who have stepped up to help in any way.            

The Lord is our Strength and our Shield. He is our Protector and Healer.

Pastor Ernie Green


All are welcome at St. Paul Lutheran – Please allow God’s love to work in and through you to brighten the lives of members and visitors alike.


          NEW LWML (Lutheran Women in Mission) MISSION PROJECT to take place during the months of September, October and November: The Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission is currently in need of socks and underwear; all sizes, children, male and female but especially men’s size large.  Only new items in their original package will be accepted.  Place your donation in the designated bin off the Gathering Place.  Thank you for your support.
           GOOD NEWS! The Planet Green Recycle Fundraiser Program continues and again are accepting ALL brands of ink cartridges. You can drop off ALL your empty cartridges in the labeled bin in the Gathering Place. Thank you!

THE ALTAR GUILD is looking for 2 more Teams for 2023 – men and women. We currently have 3 wife/ husband teams. A team serves 1 month a year. During busy times such as Lent/Easter, Advent, Christmas or vacation times, individuals can volunteer to help the designated team for that month.  Ask a friend to join your team or if you don’t have anyone special you would like to serve with, we’ll find you a teammate.  See or call Nancy Witkop at 716-731-4223 or email: with questions. You can also ask anyone on Altar Guild what duties are involved.


 Confirmation Class Assignments for Thursday, September 28, 2023:

 First Year Class – Read “The Ten Commandments, The Second Commandment” Questions 24-34, pages 61 – 67 from Luther’s Small Catechism. Read Chapter 3 from “The Story,” Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh.”  Attend church and complete a Worship Report Form. There is no Mentor Question this week.

Second Year Class – Read “The Ten Commandments, The Second Commandment” Questions 24-34, pages 61 – 67 from Luther’s Small Catechism. Complete Lesson 3 “The Ten Commandments, The Second Commandment” from “Exploring Luther’s Small Catechism.”  Attend church and complete a Worship Report Form. There is no Mentor Question this week.


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