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The Spirit of our Lord is stirring us to Move Forward in Faith!


Thank you all for your commitments to our Moving Forward in Faith campaign! The financial gifts that you have already contributed as well as those donations you have pledged in the future will allow this project to begin as soon as we receive approval from the Attorney General’s Office. It is extremely important that we all continue to stay current with our pledges, as the project is dependent upon them.  +Pastor Green+


Major repairs are needed to our facility - update as of June 28, 2020

  • All of our slate roofs need major work; It is good stewardship to protect this lovely facility God has given us where we carry out His mission.  ($269,700) nearly completed
  • Major repairs to the masonry are required; ($54,800) completed
  • The parking lot needs to be redone completely.  The parking lot is the first thing guests and visitors see and they do form first impressions about us.  Let’s put our best foot forward for the sake of those who are yet to come to faith and our church.  ($118,900) to be scheduled
  • The boiler needs replacing; Becoming more energy efficient is good stewardship of God’s resources.  It will also provide greater comfort for those coming into our facility as it will offer both heat and air conditioning.  Many memorial gifts have been given toward this needed addition. What blessings this will bring to our worship and our many ministries which wane during the Summer months due to how uncomfortable people, including our many weekly visitors who are in our building.  With this blessing just picture what our Lord can and will do through our Summer worship and ministries in a comfortable building! ($531,620) in process 
  • Emergency generator.  This will enable us to be a blessing to our surrounding community in times of great need thus showing the love of Christ in tangible ways.  ($46,729) in process


How Can You Help?

  • Prayerfully consider how you can help with your time, energy and resources God has so abundantly given to you as we  “Move Forward in Faith”.

When you let God use your blessings, He pours down blessings on you and on others.

Be a part of it!!


Possible “give ups”

· Eating out or

· Specialty Coffee 1 x week

· Bottle of Wine





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