St. Paul Lutheran Church & Pre-School

Gift Card Program

St. Paul Lutheran sells gift cards that may be used for personal shopping or to give as gifts.  The profits earned from the gift cards, are used to benefit ALL aspects of Christian Education:   Preschool, Youth, Vacation Bible School, and KREW (Kids Receiving Everlasting Wisdom), also known as Sunday School. 

There are two ways you can purchase gift cards:

Order gift cards by clicking  on the link below and downloading the order form and returning it with payment to St. Paul.  Thank you! 

1.   Gift Card Order Form Click here


    2. Form with additional cards that may be ordered (you will have to write them in on order form) CLICK HERE

Purchase certain selected gift cards, that are kept on hand. You may purchase these cards either before or after all worship services, or in the office from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday (Monday through Thursday during the summer). 

Cards available for immediate pickup include: 

Market in the Square (Budwey’s) $25 and $50
Tops $25 and $50
Amazon $25

AMC Theater $25
Applebees $25
Arby’s $10
Bath and Body Works $25

Bob Evans $10
Buffalo Wild Wings $25
Burger King $10
Chili’s/Macaroni Grill $25

Chipotle $10

Cracker Barrel $25
Dairy Queen $10
Denny’s $10

Dick’s Sporting Goods $25
Dunkin Donuts $10
Home Depot $25

iTunes $15
JC Penney $25
Kohl’s $25

Lowe’s $25

Olive Garden/Longhorn Steakhouse $25
Outback/Carrabba’s $25
Panera Bread $10

Reb Robin $25
Red Lobster $25
Regal Theaters $25 
Starbucks $10
Subway $10
Target $25
Texas Roadhouse $25
TGI Fridays $25
Tim Hortons $10
Walmart $25
Wendy’s $10





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