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SUNDAY & MONDAY, JULY 5th & 6th, 2020

From the desk of St. Paul Lutheran Church Staff:


Today we have the great privilege of installing St. Paul’s Church Council. The Church

Council meets at least 8 times a year and acts upon general matters pertaining to the welfare of the congregation. 

Here is a list of the members of the Church Council and their duties as described in

our church by-laws:

  • Robert Fritz, President - conducts the meetings of the church council and voters’ assembly.
  • Jeffrey Stebbins, Vice President - fills the role in the president’s absence or inability to act.
  • Maryann Magil, Recording Secretary - keeps the minutes of the meetings of the church council and voters’ assembly
  • Carolyn Taylor, Comptroller/Business Manager - is responsible for the financial committee which oversees all aspects of the congregation.
  • Otto Achtziger, Chairman Board of Elders - is responsible for his board which assists the pastor in the spiritual life of the congregation.
  • Diane Grawe, Coordinator of Christian Growth - is responsible for reporting the Christian education, youth and family ministry initiatives of the congregation.
  • Peggy Fritz, Coordinator of Mission Outreach - is responsible for reporting the missions, evangelism and stewardship initiatives of the congregation.
  • Dennis Gurnett, Coordinator of Maintenance - is responsible for the physical properties of the congregation.

In addition, these staff members serve on Church Council:

  • Director of Family Ministry Kristen Gallineau
  • Rev. Ernest R. Green III


Please keep our Church Council in your prayers as the serve in ministry

here at St. Paul.  God bless them always!




THE CHURCH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED on Monday, July 6th for the Independence Day holiday.










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