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Adult Bible Study

God's word is power for your life!


Summer Adult Bible Study times and locations

  • Sundays at 9:20am - Upper Education Building
  • Wednesdays at 11:00am – Upper Education Building




“God’s word gives strength to live each day”


June 3 & 6 – “Peace in our His time” Lutheran Hour Ministies (LHM) – Is Peace possible?  In this study, we will see that the only peace possible, came as a result of Jesus coming to this world, reconciling us to God.  


June 10 & 13 – “Case for the Creator” with Lee Strobel - Strobel is a journalist who set about to investigate if there truly was a creator.  He traveled from spiritual skepticism to a profound faith in God!


June 17 and 20; 24 and 27  – “This is the Life” – the classic Lutheran Television Production series, from the 1950s-1980s, featuring well-known actors, in some of their earliest roles. These stories teach that God reigns through every event in our lives.


July 1 only; 8 & 11; 15 & 18; 22 & 25 – “Lost Books?” Ever wondered if some texts were intentionally excluded from the Bible and why? In this LHM series, we will look at why some ancient writings failed to make the cut for inclusion and why other texts most definitely met the standard.


July 29 & August 1 – “Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel, former “religious” skeptic, who explores the historical accuracy of the Gospels.


August 5 & 8 – “Ken Davis: It’s enough to make a grown man cry!” – This well loved Christian humorist takes a look at the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept”.  Ken always shares hope and encouragement, with joy and entertaining humor. 


August 12 & 15 – “Case for Faith” – the third in the Lee Strobel series (see above) looks at why faith in God truly changes our lives.


August 19 & 22; 26 & 29 – “Let there be Light” – this movie will be shown in two parts and tells the story of an atheist whose life is changed by the “light” of God. 


COMING IN THE FALL a great 12 week course on the basic beliefs and practices of our faith – “GODCONNECTS” from LHM! 


Thursday morning WALK UPRIGHTLY Bible study for everyone – every Thursday at 9:00am. Topic: “Revelation" with optional mile walk in Upper Fellowship Hall





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