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Pastor Green Daily Encouragement

Pastor Green writes a daily dose of encouragement to encourage us during these troubled times.  Each day there will be a message and a separate link to the song that is highlighted in his message. Most days there is a Christian song that you can listen to but on Wednesdays, you will hear a Country Western song and on Saturdays, you will hear a Secular Song.

Click on the desired link below. We will keep them on this page for about 2 months and add a new one each day.  May God be with you in a special way each day!  God bless you!
Sunday, June 20 message
Sunday, June 20 song “The Power of the Cross” sung by Stuart Townend

Saturday, June 19 message
Saturday, June 19 song “Sugar Sugar” sung by The Archies

Friday, June 18 message

Friday, June 18 song “Listen to our hearts” sung by Geoff Moore and The Distance

Thursday, June 17 message
Thursday, June 17 song “Sing your praise to the Lord” sung by Rich Mullins

Wednesday, June 16 message

Wednesday, June 16 song “Billy the Kid” sung by Billy Dean

Tuesday, June 15 message
Tuesday, June 15 Song “Truth be told” sung by Matthew West

Monday, June 14 message
Monday, June 14 song “Blessed” sung by Laura Story 

Sunday, June 13 message

Sunday, June 13 song “The Old Rugged Cross” sung by Anne Murray

Saturday, June 12 message

Saturday, June 12 song “Happy Together” sung by the Turtles

Friday, June 11 message
Friday, June 11 song “Everything to me” sung by Avalon

Thursday, June 10 message
Thursday, June 10 song “I’ll lead you home” sung by Michael W. Smith

Wednesday, June 9 message
Wednesday, June 9 song “I’m Sorry” sung by John Denver

Tuesday, June 8 message
Tuesday, June 8 song “When all is said and done” sung by Geoff Moore and The Distance

Monday, June 7 message
Sunday, June 7 song “Hold me Jesus” sung by Rich Mullins

Sunday, June 6 message

Sunday, June 6 song “Amazing Grace” sung by B.J. Thomas

Saturday, June 5 message
Saturday, June 5 song “Rock and Roll Lullabye” sung by B.J. Thomas

Friday, June 4 message

Friday, June 4 song “The Faith of a Little Child” sung by B.J. Thomas

Thursday, June 3 message
Thursday, June 3 song “Happy man” sung by B.J. Thomas

Wednesday, June 2 message

Wednesday, June 2 song “I’m so lonesome I could cry” sung by B.J. Thomas

Tuesday, June 1 message
Tuesday, June 1 song “What a difference you’ve made in my life” sung by B.J. Thomas

Monday, May 31 message
Monday, May 31 song “Home where I belong” sung by B.J. Thomas

Sunday, May 30 message
Sunday, May 30 song “I’m gonna see Jesus” sung by B.J. Thomas

Saturday, May 29 message
Saturday, May 29 song “Love Grows” sung by Edison Lighthouse

Friday, May 28 message
Friday, May 28 song “I will stand” sung by Jake Sammons

Thursday, May 27 message
Thursday, May 27 song “Testify to love” sung by Avalon

Wednesday, May 26 message
Wednesday, May 26 song “Battle of the Alamo” sung by Marty Robbins

Tuesday, May 25 message
Tuesday, May 25 song “The Great Adventure” sung by Steven Curtis Chapman 

Monday, May 24 message

Monday, May 24 song “Anything” by PFR

Sunday, May 23 message
Sunday, May 23 song “In the sweet by and by” from the movie Crossroad

Saturday, May 22 message

Saturday, May 22 song “Puff the magic dragon” sung by Peter, Paul and Mary

Friday, May 21 message
Friday, May 21 song “For future generations” sung by 4Him

Thursday, May 20 message
Thursday, May 20 song “We are the body” sung by Casting Crowns

Wednesday, May 19 message

Wednesday, May 19 song “Ol’ Red” sung by Blake Shelton

Tuesday, May 18 message
Tuesday, May 18 song “Blessed be your name” sung by Matt Redman

Monday, May 17 message
Monday, May 17 song “10,000 Reasons” sung by Matt Redman

Sunday, May 16 message

Sunday, May 16 song “In the Garden” sung by Alan Jackson

Saturday, May 15 message
Saturday, May 15 song “Top of the World” sung by the Carpenters

Friday, May 14 message

Friday, May 14 song “I surrender all” sung by Clay Crosse
Thursday, May 13 message
Thursday, May 13 song “In Christ alone” sung by Michael English

Wednesday, May 12 message

Wednesday, May 12 song “There goes my life” sung by Kenny Chesney

Tuesday, May 11 message

Tuesday, May 11 song “No doubt” sung by Petra

Monday, May 10 message
Monday, May 10 song “Stand” sung by Susan Ashton

Sunday, May 9 message

Sunday, May 9 song “My Savior My God” sung by Aaron Shust

Saturday, May 8 message
Saturday, May 8 song “I’m a believer” sung by the Monkees

Friday, May 7 message
Friday, May 7 song “Awesome God” sung by Rich Mullins

Thursday, May 6 message
Thursday, May 6 song “Praise you in this storm” sung by Casting Crowns

Wednesday, May 5 message
Wednesday, May 5 song “Never break heart” sung by Eric Church

Tuesday, May 4 message
Tuesday, May 4 song “Common Creed” sung by Wes King

Monday, May 3 message

Monday, May 3 song “What if his people prayed” sung by Casting Crowns

Sunday, May 2 message
Sunday, May 2 song “Here I am Lord” sung by Chris Bray

Saturday, May 1 message

Saturday, May 1 song “Can’t fight this feeling” sung by REO Speedwagon

Friday, April 30 message
Friday, April 30 song “You found me” sung by FFH

Thursday, April 29 message

Thursday, April 29 song “Nailed to the cross” sung by Rend Collective

Wednesday, April 28 message
Wednesday, April 28 song “Austin” sung by Blake Shelton

Tuesday, April 27 message

Tuesday, April 27 song “My Deliverer” sung by Rich Mullins

Monday, April 26 message

Monday, April 26 song “Great Lengths” sung by PFR

Sunday, April 25 message
Saturday, April 24 message
Saturday, April 24 song “To sir with love” sung by Lulu

Friday, April 23 message
Friday, April 23 song “True Believers” sung by Phil Keaggy

Thursday, April 22 message
Thursday, April 22 song “Sometimes by Step” sung by Rich Mullins

Wednesday, April 21 message
Wednesday, April 21 song “Walkin’ after midnight” sung by Patsy Cline

Tuesday, April 20 message (corrected)
Tuesday, April 20 song “Praise you in the Storm” sung by Casting Crowns

Monday, April 19 message
Monday, April 19 song “God is in Control” sung by Twila Paris

Sunday, April 18 message
Sunday, April 18 song “Revelation Song” sung by Phillips, Craig & Dean”

Saturday, April 17 message
Saturday, April 17 song “Wildest Dreams” sung by Moody Blues

Friday, April 16 message
Friday, April 16 song “You gave me love” sung by BJ Thomas

Thursday, April 15 message

Thursday, April 15 song “How Great Thou Art” sung by Carrie Underwood

Wednesday, April 14 message
Wednesday, April 14 song “Ring of Fire” sung by Johnny Cash

Tuesday, April 13 message
Tuesday, April 13 song “Cartoon song” sung by Chris Rice

Monday, April 12 message

Monday, April 12 song “Speechless” sung by Steven Curtis Chapman

Sunday, April 11 message
Sunday, April 11 song “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” sung by OCP Choir

Saturday, April 10 message
Saturday, April 10 song “Sooner or Later” sung by The Grass Roots

Friday, April 9 message
Friday, April 9 song “God so loved the world” sung by Jaci Velasquez

Thursday, April 8 message

Thursday, April 8 song “I will not go quietly” sung by Steven Curtis Chapman

Wednesday, April 7 message
Wednesday, April 7 song “Take me home country roads” sung by John Denver

Tuesday, April 6 message
Tuesday, April 6 song “Better than a Hallelujah” sung by Amy Grant

Monday, April 5 message

Monday, April 5 song “That Where I am You May Be Also” sung by Rich Mullins

Easter Sunday, April 4 message
Easter Sunday, April 4 song “Hallelujah” sung by Cassandra Star and her sister Callahan

Saturday, April 3 message
Saturday, April 3 song “Fly Away” sung by John Denver and Olivia Newton-John

Good Friday, April 2 message
Good Friday, April 2 song “Were you there” sung by Andrea Thomas

Maundy Thursday, April 1 message
Maundy Thursday, April 1 song “This is Now” sung by Casting Crowns

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