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Pastor Green Daily Encouragement

Pastor Green writes a daily dose of encouragement to encourage us during these troubled times.  Each day there will be a message and a separate link to the song that is highlighted in his message. Most days there is a Christian song that you can listen to but on Wednesdays, you will hear a Country Western song and on Saturdays, you will hear a Secular Song.

Click on the desired link below. We will keep them on this page for about 2 months and add a new one each day.  May God be with you in a special way each day!  God bless you!
Thursday, December 15 message (message 1000, final one for now….)

Thursday December 15 song “A soldier’s king” sung by Kenny Rogers

Wednesday, December 14 message

Wednesday, December 14 song “Mary Did you Know?” sung by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd

Tuesday December 13 message

Tuesday, December 13 song “When we seek Him” sung by Shawna Edwards and Angie Killian

Monday, December 12 message
Monday, December 12 song “All because of Him” sung by Shawna Edwards

Sunday, December 11 message
Sunday, December 11 song “O Holy Night” sung by Martina McBride

Saturday, December 10 message 

Saturday, December 10 song “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” sung by Brenda Lee

Friday, December 9 message
Friday, December 9 song “Breath of Heaven” sung by Amy Grant

Thursday, December 8 message
Thursday, December 8 song “When love was born” sung by Mark Schultz

Wednesday, December 7 message
Wednesday, December 7 song “Christmas in Heaven” sung by Scott McCreary

Tuesday, December 6 message

Wednesday, December 6 song “He shall reign forevermore” sung by Chris Tomlin

Monday December 5 message

Monday, December 5 song “Not that far from Bethlehem” sung by Point of Grace

Sunday, December 4 message 

Sunday, December 4 song “O come O come Emmanuel” sung by For King and Country

Saturday, December 3 message
Saturday, December 3 song “If” sung by Bread

Friday, December 2 message
Friday, December 2 song “He is the Gift – A New Christmas Song” sung by Shawna Belt Edwards

Thursday, December 1 message

Thursday, December 1 song “Christmas is Here” sung by Michael W. Smith

Wednesday, November 30 message
Wednesday, November 30 song “Born on Christmas Day” sung by Brad Paisley

Tuesday, November 29 message

Tuesday, November 29 song “Make room” sung by Casting Crowns

Monday, November 28 message

Monday, November 28 song “This is Christmas” sung by Kutless

Sunday, November 27 message

Sunday, November 27 song “Let your kingdom come” featuring Chris Jackson

Saturday, November 26 message

Saturday, November 26 song “Town without Pity” sung by Gene Pitney

Friday, November 25 message

Friday, November 25 song “Adore” sung by Chris Tomlin

Thursday, November 24 message

Thursday, November 24 song “Thanks Giver” sung by Crowder

Wednesday, November 23 message

Wednesday, November 23 song “Thanksgiving Prayer” sung by Johnny Cash

Tuesday, November 22 message 

Tuesday, November  22 song “Tuesday’s Child” sung by Steven Curtis Chapman

Monday, November 21 message
Monday, November 21 song “He reigns” sung by The Newsboys

Sunday, November 20 message

Sunday, November  20 song “Offering” sung by Paul Baloche

Saturday, November 19 message

Saturday, November 19 song “I want you back” sung by the Jackson 5

Friday, November 18 message

Friday, November 18 song “Brother’s keeper” sung by Rich Mullins

Thursday, November 17 message
Thursday, November 17 song “Hello my good friend” sung by John Elefante

Wednesday, November 16 message

Wednesday, November 16 song “Sold” sung by John Michael Montgomery

Tuesday, November 15 message
Tuesday, November 15 song “The Great Adventure” sung by Steven Curtis Chapman 

Monday, November 14 message
Monday, November 14 song “No doubt” sung by Petra

Sunday, November 13 message

Sunday, November 13 song “God bless our native land” 

Saturday, November 12 message
Saturday, November 12 song “Arlington” sung by Trace Adkins

Friday, November 11 message

Friday, November 11 song “I will stand” sung by Allegiance featuring Jake Sammons

Thursday, November 10 message
Thursday, November 10 song “No one loves me like you” sung by Jars of Clay

Wednesday, November 9 message

Wednesday, November 9 song “Friends in low places” sung by Garth Brooks

Tuesday, November 8 message

Tuesday, November 8 song “Remember Me” sung by Mark Schultz

Monday, November 7 message

Monday, November 7 song “Better” sung by Pat Barrett

Sunday, November 6 message

Sunday, November 6 song “For all the Saints” 
Saturday, November 5 message

Saturday, November 5 song “Only time will tell” sung by Asia

Friday, November 4 message
Friday, November 4 song “Listen to our hearts” sung by Geoff Moore and The Distance

Thursday, November 3 message 
Thursday, November 3 song “The anchor holds” sung by Ray Boltz

Wednesday, November 2 message

Wednesday, November 2 song “Take me home, country roads” sung by John Denver

Tuesday, November 1 message
Tuesday, November 1 song “Better days coming” sung by MercyMe

Monday, October 31 message

Monday, October 31 song “I can only imagine” sung by MercyMe
Sunday, October 30 message
Sunday, October 30 song “How deep the Father’s Love” sung by Fernando Ortega

Saturday, October 29 message
Saturday, October 29 song “Arizona” sung by Mark Lindsay of Paul Rivere and the Raiders

Friday, October 28 message
Friday, October 28 song “Cry out to Jesus” sung by Third Day

Thursday, October 27 message
Thursday, October 27 song “Jesus paid it all” sung by Fernando Ortega

Wednesday, October 26 message

Wednesday, October 26 song  “Always on my mind” sung by Willie Nelson

Tuesday, October 25 message

Tuesday, October 25 song “You Reign” sung by 4Him

Monday, October 24 message

Monday, October 24 song “There is someone who loves you just the way you are” sung by Petra

Sunday, October 23 message

Sunday, October 23 song “Gimme that old time religion” sung by Johnny Cash

Saturday, October 22 message

Saturday, October 22 song “25 0r 6 to 4” sung by Chicago

Friday, October 21 message

Friday, October 21 song “Just one” sung by Phillips, Craig and Dean

Thursday, October 20 message
Thursday, October 20 song “Jesus” sung by Chris Tomlin

Wednesday, October 19 message

Wednesday, October 19 song “Galveston” sung by Glen Campbell

Tuesday, October 18 message

Tuesday, October 18 song “Always be a child” sung by Ray Boltz

Monday, October 17 message

Monday, October 17 song “Grace” sung by Laura Story

Sunday, October 16 message
Sunday, October 16 song “My redeemer  is faithful and true”

Saturday, October 15 message
Saturday, October 15 song “Hold on” sung by Kansas

Friday, October 14 message
Friday, October 14 song “The Power of a Moment” sung by Chris Rice

Thursday, October 13 message
Thursday, October 13 song “I want to be just like you” sung by Phillips, Craig and Dean

Wednesday, October 12 message

Wednesday, October 12 song “Amarillo by Morning” sung by George Strait

Tuesday, October 11 message

Tuesday, October 11 song “In the palm of your hand” sung by Alison Kraus

Monday, October 10 message
Monday, October 10 song “Beyond Belief” sung by Petra

Sunday, October 9 message
Sunday, October 9 song “Crown Him with many Crowns” 

Saturday, October 8 message

Saturday, October 8 song “More than a feeling” sung by Boston

Friday, October 7 message

Friday, October 7 song “Good Good Father” sung by Chris Tomlin

Thursday, October 6 message

Thursday, October 6 song “Circle of Friends” sung by Point of Grace

Wednesday, October 5 message

Wednesday, October 5 song “Coal Miner’s Daughter” sung by Loretta Lynn

Tuesday, October 4 message
Tuesday, October 4 song “The Measure of a Man” sung by 4Him


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