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Pastor Green writes a daily dose of encouragement to encourage us during these troubled times.  Each day there will be a downloadable message and a separate link to the song that he highlights in his message. "Click" on the desired link below. We will keep them on this page and add a new one each day.  May God be with you in a special way while we are separate yet together.  God bless you!

Tuesday, May 26 message 

Tuesday, May 26 "Common Creed"


Monday, May 25 message 

Monday, May 25 song "Crucified with Christ"

Sunday, May 24 message 

Sunday, May 24 song "Great is thy faithfulness"

Saturday, May 23 message
Saturday, May 23 song "Everything I own"


Friday, May 22 message

Friday, May 22 song "Does anybody hear her?"


Thursday, May 21 message

Thursday, May 21 song "Evidence of God"


Wednesday, May 20 message

Wednesday, May 20 song "Blessed be your name"


Tuesday, May 19 message

Tuesday, May 19 song "Here I am to worship"


Monday, May 18 message

Monday, May 18 song "Big Big House"


Sunday, May 17 message

Sunday, May 17 song "Just as I am"

Saturday, May 16 message

Saturday, May 16 song "Kentucky Rain" (secular Saturday)


Friday, May 15 message

Friday, May 15 song "This is what love is"


Thursday, May 14 message

Thursday, May 14 song "Hold me Jesus"


Wednesday, May 13 message

Wednesday, May 13 song "The Touch of the Master's Hand"


Tuesday, May 12 message

Tuesday, May 12 song "Why should the devil have all the good music?

Monday, May 11 message

Monday, May 11 song "Voice of Truth"


Sunday, May 10 message

Sunday May 10 song "What a friend we have in Jesus"


Saturday, May 9 message

Saturday, May 9 song "Eastbound and Down" (secular Saturday)


Friday, May 8 message

Friday, May 8 song "Heaven in the real world"


Thursday, May 7 message

Thursday, May 7 song "You Never Let Go"


Wednesday,  May 6 message 

Wednesday, May 6 song "His Eyes"


Tuesday, May 5 message

Tuesday, May 5 song "Awesome God"


Monday, May 4 message
Monday, May 4 song "Who am I?"

Sunday May 3 message

Sunday May 3 song "I want to walk as a child of the light"




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