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Parents and Confirmands,

We are being faced with a terrible situation that is beyond our control.  The Covid-19 virus has pretty well shut down the United States, and we are a part of that shut down. 

The St. Paul Church Council, on Tuesday, March 17, voted to close the church for at least two weeks.  This includes all church activities.  This was done for a number of reasons, to help to keep everyone safe and well, and to obey the State authorities who have banned gatherings of fifty or more.  We are also cognizant of the recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to limit any gatherings over ten people. 

This is what we are facing now;
First Year Class: classes for the first year confirmands are finished for the year.  We will begin again in September.  Have your child use this time to memorize the books of the Bible, in order from Genesis to Revelation.  If KREW is allowed to continue prior to the end of the school year, then please attend.

Second Year Class: Please complete lessons 36 through 40 in Exploring Luther’s Small Catechism.  In addition to that, continue studying your questions and the Books of the Bible for Affirmation of Faith night.  Call me with any questions.

At this point in time I can only pray that Affirmation of Faith night and Confirmation Sunday will continue as planned.  And I will do all that I can to keep you informed of any changes. Please pray for this and for the entire family of believers at St. Paul.

In the Peace of Jesus Christ,
Pastor Ernie Green







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